2015 Eagle Mountain Tree & Shrub Sale

You can get some great deals right now on seedling trees and shrubs. This is through the Utah Association of Conservation Districts. Look for the link to the Timp-Nebo/Alpine Tree Sale. Bundles of 5 are priced from $10 to 17.50. They won’t ship so you’ll have to pick them up – somewhere in Utah County – it doesn’t say where. Orders will be available April 17th or 18th. When I checked the site, this is what was available, but they are sold first come first serve.

Evergreen Trees
Colorado Blue Spruce, Atlas Cedar, Mugo Pine

Deciduous Trees
Littleleaf Linden, Siouxland Cottonwood (cottonless), Amur Maple, Eastern Red Bud, Thornless Honey Locust

Dwarf Almond, Cotoneaster, Chokecherry (½ tree, ½ shrub), Common Purple Lilac, Common Privet, Redosier Dogwood, Forsythia, Buffaloberry, Nanking Cherry, Siberian Pea Shrub

We are going to try the Amur Maple, Nanking Cherry, Purple Lilac, Forsythia and Mugo Pine. We’ve had great luck with Mugos. We had one Forsythia that didn’t do great, but we are going to try it again in a spot with more sun.