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You can e-mail Mark or Leah by using our first names @ 'mark and leah . com' (without the spaces of course).

GnuPG is based on a widely accepted encryption technology known as public key cryptography in which two complementary keys—a key pair—are used to maintain secure communications. To send someone a private email message, you use a copy of that person’s public key to encrypt the information, which only they can decipher by using their private key. Conversely, when someone wants to send you encrypted mail, they use a copy of your public key to encrypt the data, which only you can decipher by using a copy of your private key.

With Enigmail for Thunderbird you can set up your own public and private keys for secure communication. Using GnuGPG you can protect the privacy of your email messages and files by encrypting them so that only the intended recipients can read them. You can also digitally sign messages and files, which ensures their authenticity. A signed message verifies that the information within it has not been tampered with in any way.

You can download our public keys below and use them to send a secure email.
Get Mark's PGP Key
Get Leah's PGP Key