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Vacation & Places

Cascade Springs
Brent, Kiana, Shelby, Judy, Richard, Mike, Mark, and Leah all went to cascade springs this summer to spend sometime with each other. Excitement- Dad took a corner too sharp and ripped a hole in the tire. 

House On the Rock
house on the rock Spring Green, WI 

Ice Carving at the 2002 Winter Olympics

Johnson Lake 1994

Johnson Lake 2002
A trip to Johnson Lake in 2002 by Mark and Leah. Alot of the forest in the area has burned since 1994. This trip was unusually cold and cloudy for August. 

Montana State Prison & Car Museuem
The Historic Montana State Prison & Car Museuem in Deerlodge, MT 

Nauvoo Temple
Nauvoo Illinois Temple, see construction photos 

Thanksgiving Point
Thanksgiving Point Dec, 2001 

Timber Frame House
A timber frame house I helped build. Posts and joists are 5"x5", beams are 5"x10". The lumber is Douglas Fir and some Larch. It was part of an old mill in Libby Montana. Mortise & tenon, dovetail and scarf joints are a few we used. 

Underwater World
Underwater World, tunnel under 14 feet of water and watch sharks, stingays and giant turtles swim right over you.